Flashback: GBM batters wife, says he beats her because he loves her

Flashback: GBM batters wife, says he beats her because he loves her

Story below is reproduced to show that Zambia’s defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba is barbaric and violent thug.
By Chibaula Silwamba
Tue 07 Sep. 2010, 11:35 CAT   [3703 Reads, 9 Comment(s)]

KASAMA Central PF member of parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM on Sunday battered his wife Chama after a marital dispute.

Mwamba beat up Chama at their Kabulonga residence in Lusaka.

But GBM later said he beat up his wife Chama because he loves her.

According to a medical report which Chama obtained at Woodlands Police station in Lusaka dated September 5, 2010, she sustained a cut on her forehead and general body pains.

“Fists are alleged to have been used in the act. Beaten and assaulted by a known person,” the report read in part.

On the same document, according to a Dr Lubaki who examined her yesterday at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka dated September 6, 2010, Chama sustained a cut on the face, bruises on the left and right shoulder and bruises on the left eye.

A family member yesterday narrated that GBM and Chama had been having marital problems and the latter had asked Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata to counsel her husband.

The relative said after Sata counseled GBM over his marital problems and told him to change his lifestyle, GBM was very furious with his wife for embarrassing him in the eyes of his party president.

She said when GBM reached home, he started beating his wife with fists and she profusely bled from the injuries.

The relative said GBM took Chama to Hilltop Hospital within Lusaka and later took her to MKP TMS hospital in Lusaka’s Kabulonga suburb until yesterday when she was temporarily taken to UTH for further examination and signing of the medical report.

Chama with a bandage wrapped around the upper part of her head arrived at UTH in the company of several of her relatives about midday.

Upon seeing The Post photojournalist as she walked out of the casualty ward exit door at UTH after finishing the medical processes, Chama became jittery and screamed: “A journalist! No!” while covering her head with her hand.

Chama hid her swollen face behind her relatives.
She continually hid herself behind her relatives until she was helped to board the car.

When they returned to MKP TMS Hospital, Chama quickly disembarked and entered the hospital building.

A group of Chama’s angry relatives bitterly protested over GBM’s conduct and his continued battering of their kin.

Chama’s brother, Perry Mwenso, said the family was offended with GBM’s conduct.

“I am very offended and I feel very bad about the behaviour of my brother-in-law to beat his wife like an animal. I can’t tolerate it,” a visibly upset Mwenso protested in an interview.

“Why should someone beat his wife like that? Even if there is something, they should be able to sit down and sort out the problems and not to beat her like that. That we can’t take as a family. We are very upset as the family.”

Another relative wondered why GBM beat Chama in that manner in the presence of their children and grandchildren.

“Where have you seen a leader beating a grandmother like that? If you cannot lead your own family, can you honestly aspire to become a leader in Zambia? No! We need passionate leaders,” a female family member said.

Constant efforts to contact GBM proved futile as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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