Flashback: Lungu is a corrupt playboy – Zimani Zimba

Flashback: Lungu is a corrupt playboy – Zimani Zimba

????????From the abundance of the heart, a man speaks

Lungu is a spoiled, corrupt playboy who has no heart for poor Zambians or anyone. He is only interested in flying around the world and enriching himself. He abuses tax payers money for his luxuries life like a bad ancient king.
But he will soon cry to his unknown god other than Jesus Christ – Chris Zumani Zimba on 15 March 2018..

Zimba is the new political advisor to president Edgar Lungu.

Kaizer Zulu was a notorious thug and poison to the country but his loyalty to president Lungu was unflinching. But this Zumani clearly despises president Lungu. He, just like Antonio Mwanza, Sunday Chanda do not believe in Lungu. Evidence is all over. Surely they could find a loyal PF member to replace Kaizer Zulu.

We are just saying like we have always done and we know time will prove us right, again. Like always.

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