Flashback: Lungu is a security risk, PF will be voted out – Moono

CAPTAIN Cosmas Moono says President Edgar Lungu is becoming a security risk to Zambia.
And Capt Moono says President Lungu is the only President in Zambia’s history who has said so many wrong things within a short space of time.
Reacting to President Lungu who on Friday, while in Katete, accused UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and party’s vice-president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba of training 250 youths in Lusaka to cause havoc if the opposition loses the August 11 general elections, Capt Moono, who is UPND chairman for defence and security, proposed that heads of national security wings sit down with the Head of State concerning his usually uncalled for public statements.
“I think President Edgar Lungu is becoming a security risk to this nation and his desperation to remain in power will put this country into chaos. This [Saturday] morning, more than 20 of our youth were training at GBM’s company premises and they have been rounded [up] as militia suspects,” Capt Moono said in an interview in Lusaka on Saturday.
“Gyms are everywhere and everyone is free to train; even I go to T and T Gym. So, I don’t know what offence a youth commits by going into a gym to keep fit. The advisors to President Lungu and the director general of the OP (Office of the President) and the commanders of the army and the air force should sit him down and advise him on what to say and on what not to say. If, as a President, I say ‘I hate you’, that is enough statement to set the security wings to eliminate you because you are a bother to the presidency.”
Capt Moono, a former Chilanga member of parliament, added that it was becoming clear everyday that the PF would be voted out in August.
“What the party is doing is what we call last kicks of a dying horse. As a President, he is demeaning the presidency by saying anything that comes across his mind. As a President, there are certain things which you can say,” Capt Moono observed.
“Issues hinged on security, he should allow security wings to investigate privately and come up with concrete evidence and decide on their own whether to make an arrest or not. If you remember when HH mentioned that PF were sending some militias to Sudan, he was arrested by police; equally Edgar Lungu has committed an offence. He is alarming this country and if this kind of behaviour goes unabated, this country will be thrown into chaos by careless utterances from the presidency!”
And Capt Moono alleged that the PF government was using the police to rig the forthcoming general elections by instilling fear and terror in the voters.
“If you start talking about militias…the rigging of elections is not done on the day of voting. This is a calculated move to rig the 2016 elections by intimidating opponents so that we are scared to even mention UPND by August. Actually, the police are being used to rig the August elections by instilling fear and terror in the voters so that people start saying that if you associate with the opposition, you will be arrested,” Capt Moono noted.
Meanwhile, Capt Moono advised President Lungu to ‘watch’ his words, hinting that the presidency comes and goes.
“He is the first President who has said so many things in a short time; look at what he is saying in a peaceful country!” exclaimed Capt Moono.
“My appeal to Edgar Lungu is that the presidency comes and goes; others stay long while others stay for a short period. He should be prepared to vacate State House come 11 August without causing a lot of terror to this country. Using the police to intimidate people has limits! Very soon the people who are being intimidated will start reacting and it will be Edgar Lungu to blame because his utterances are not supposed to come from the presidency.”

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