Flashback: Lungu will be flushed out like a thief – Mwanza

Flashback: Lungu will be flushed out like a thief – Mwanza



Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says Republican President Edgar Lungu will be flushed out of State House like a ‘common thief’.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says President Lungu’s administration was playing with fire over the petition filed in the Lusaka High Court seeking an extension on his term of office.

He stated that under the provisions of the current constitution, President Lungu’s mandate will expire in 2016 as this is tied to the life of Parliament.

“So which law will Edgar Chagwa Lungu use to postpone the 2016 Presidential elections? Edgar Lungu is playing with fire and he will be burnt. Edgar Lungu, being a lawyer by profession is fully aware that he cannot go beyond 2016 without holding a Presidential election because that will be contrary to Articles 34, 35 and 88.” Mwanza said.

The FDD Spokesperson said attempts to mutilate the constitution was tantamount to an impeachable offence on the person holding the Office of President.

“Article 34 of the Republican Constitution states that an election to the Office of President SHALL be held whenever the National Assembly is dissolved. And according to Article 88 of the Republican Constitution, the tenure of the National Assembly is 5 years after which it has to be dissolved and fresh Presidential and Parliamentary Elections have to be held. The life of the current National Assembly is expiring in 2016.

Therefore, according to Articles 34 and 88 the next Presidential election must be held in 2016.

Article 35 of the Republican Constitution prescribes the Tenure of Office of President. And subject to clauses 2 and 4 of this Article, the tenure of office of President is 5 years” Mwanza explained.

Mwanza warned they will use legal means to flush out President Lungu out of State House if those attempts were made.

“We want to assure President Lungu that we, the people will use all legal avenues available and will flash him out of State House like a common thief should he go ahead to violate the Constitution with insolence and impunity.” he said.

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