Flashback: Namulambe is a dangerous turncoat with special skill in politics of the belly- Mpombo

Flashback: Namulambe is a dangerous turncoat with  special skill in politics of the belly- Mpombo

By Ernest Chanda (The Post)
Wed 13 Apr. 2011, 04:02 CAT   [8124 Reads, 2 Comment(s)]

Namulambe aggrandizing with Mwanawasa

GABRIEL Namulambe is a dangerous turncoat with a special skill in politics of the belly, says George Mpombo.

Reacting to works and supply minister Gabriel Namulambe’s statement he was an irrelevant politician who was trying to put a rift between Sylvia Masebo and President Rupiah Banda by claiming that the President wanted to block Masebo from contesting at the convention to accommodate his preferred candidate, Mpombo, who is Kafulafuta MMD member of parliament, dismissed Namulambe as a shameless traitor.

“That chap is a mischievous and dangerous little man whose life is solidly anchored on self-political aggradisement by peddling lies, innuendoes and misinformation about his colleagues,” Mpombo said.
He said peddling lies about others is Namulambe’s deeply engraved quality.

“I know the chap right from the days when he served as my office clerk when I was district governor for Ndola rural in 1990. That chap had the tendency of reporting his colleagues, especially senior officers to me as district governor, all with a view to getting favours,” he said.

Mpombo cautioned President Banda over Namulambe.

“In about March 2009, it was Gabriel who divided the Lamba community when he reported to us that during one of the trips to Eastern Province with Mr Banda, paramount chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people instructed Mr Banda to ditch all Lambas from his government if he wanted to succeed,”
Mpombo said. “In fact, it was that disclosure from Gabriel which formed part of the basis for our campaign strategy against Mr Banda in Ndola rural, which is progressing very well because people have received the message with anger against Mr Banda. I even doubt how Gabriel will undo what he contributed to in Lambaland. Clearly, the chap is a dangerous turncoat with a special skill in politics of the belly.”

Mpombo said President Banda should be careful with Namulambe because he was a double-faced young man.

“When he was dropped as minister, myself and other people sat down with Gabriel in my room, K3 at Parliament Motel to strategise the best way possible of dislodging Mr Banda from Ndola rural,” Mpombo said. “And I can confirm that most of my political activities against Mr Banda had the blessings and input of Gabriel. We had an agenda, which Gabriel contributed to immensely and that’s what we have sold to our people in Lambaland.”

Mpombo described Namulambe as an ungrateful chap.

“When he was fired as minister, he could not stand the heat in the kitchen like some of us. The chap started suffering. In fact, most of the time he would run out of fuel along Addis Ababa Road and call me for assistance. I would send my driver to buy fuel to go and rescue that chap whenever he was stranded. Actually, this happened on more than five occasions. Let him deny,” Mpombo said.
He said Namulambe was a hungry little boy whose sole survival lay in politics and could do anything to extract economic favours.

“Even during Levy’s days, it was the same. The young man has no integrity. For him, it’s purely the sebana wikute type of politics. Gabriel has no principles, even his personal life is not an organised one. Unfortunately, such are the so-called Lamba voices in government today,” Mpombo said. “People should not take Gabriel’s diet of cheap political concoctions. Mr Banda should be extremely careful with that boy because once beaten twice shy. Gabriel has already voluntarily told the people of Lambaland the truth about who Mr Banda is and it will be difficult for him to undo that.

“Even now Gabriel shares a lot about his misgivings or displeasures with Mr Banda’s leadership. We normally discuss this within our circles. He knows what I am talking about. That chap is like a snake that has found shelter in Mr Banda’s clothes and can strike anytime.”

Mpombo said President Banda has not refuted that he tried to block Sylvia Masebo from contesting at the convention and wondered why Namulambe was the one to dispute that.

“That shows you how hollow and bankrupt Gabriel’s attempts to please Mr Banda are. The fact is Sylvia has shamed Mr Banda and Gabriel should leave with that. Both Gabriel and Mr Banda himself know what they wanted to do to Sylvia. The young lady has shown immense levels of principle and she can’t even be compared to chaps like Gabriel. The issue of Mr Banda trying to block Sylvia from contesting at the convention is not a secret in our MMD circles. Anyone who attended the convention will tell you because Mr Banda at some point became desperate and didn’t hide his hatred for Sylvia. He called several meetings in the night giving instructions on how Sylvia should be stopped using the ballot after his efforts to stop her failed,” Mpombo said. “My appeal to Gabriel is that life is not about the promotion of evil. Even as he smiles at me, I am not naïve, I know what he is doing behind my back. But the young man should be reminded that people who thrive on evil always get themselves in serious problems and eventually die as destitute because there is nobody willing to come to their rescue in times of need as their treacherous ways are well known. Traitors die miserably and lonely. May God teach him the correct way of living with people even amidst political differences.”

Addressing journalists after he inspected the 55 kilometer stretch between Makeni and Mazabuka/Siavonga turn-off on Monday, Namulambe said any serious political party could not trust Mpondo and former works and supply minister Mike Mulongoti.

He said the duo had no political roots anywhere in the country.

“Mr Mpombo should for now concentrate on a ward because he has lost ground. There is no serious political party that can consider him for a parliamentary position; equally, my elder brother Mr Mulongoti who can’t even win in Lufwanyama where he comes from. They are my brothers but I think they have lost it politically. I would like to warn my colleagues in the opposition that these two are liabilities. How do you make somebody’s vomit your food? Please, as you court them, you should also keep in mind that they are irrelevant,” Namulambe said. “We have unearthed a plan by the opposition to create a rift between Honourable Sylvia Masebo and President Rupiah Banda. At no time did President Banda give a list of preferred candidates at the convention. All positions were free after NEC MMD national executive committee was dissolved.”

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