Flashback: Nawakwi is an immoral, Corrupt savage – Jean Kapata

Flashback: Nawakwi is an immoral, Corrupt savage – Jean Kapata

By Richard Sakala (Daily Nation)

IT will be difficult for most women to vote for Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi because she has proved to be an acrimonious, antagonistic and disrespectful woman politician who could easily destroy the moral fibre of the country if elected, Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata has said.

Ms Kapata said Zambian women were unhappy with Ms Nawakwi’s strong and uncensored language against President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) Government and were finding it increasingly difficult to consider her as a leader to preside over the country’s affairs.

Ms Kapata has advised Ms Nawakwi to shut up if the only subject she had in her political ambitions was to constantly abuse President Lungu who had only been in State House for nine months.

She reminded Nawakwi that Zambians had not forgotten that soon after she was fired by former president Frederick Chiluba from government, she became a corruption suspect in the infamous Carlington Maize scandal and she had not exonerated herself of those allegations.

Ms Kapata said since Ms Nawakwi had not explained herself in the Carlington Maize scandal; she would remain a corruption suspect and therefore unfit to aspire to take over the governance of the country.

She said if Ms Nawakwi was a serious politician, she should have apologized to Zambians for her involvement in the Carlington Maize scandal which saw Zambians lose billions of kwacha, thereby denying Zambians and women in particular the opportunity to benefit from the country’s resources.

“Many women both in the ruling party and the opposition are in shock with the kind of language Ms Nawakwi uses against the leadership of this country. Ms Nawakwi has been violent in her language and has been antagonistic and acrimonious and women do not like such an attitude particularly from a woman politician who is expected to exhibit the highest form of moral values. We shudder to think what Zambia would be under Ms Nawawki who has openly exhibited disrespect for men and her fellow women. Women will find it difficult to vote for Ms Nawakwi because of her repulsive behaviour as a politician and fear that she would easily corrupt and damage the moral fiber of the of the country, “Ms Kapata said.

Ms Kapata said Ms Nawakwi had been crying for women to vote for her while refusing to be decent in her politicking and  that she needed to understand that the media house that was using her to perpetuate and propagate hate messages against the Head of State did not need her.

She said Ms Nawakwi should tone down her language and cultivate a culture of civil politics because Zambians were not interested in who had the strongest language against President Lungu but who had the best ideas and hope for the people.

Ms Kapata said Ms Nawakwi had accepted to be used as a vuvuzela by people who did not like her but were ready to use her to achieve their political agenda.

She said it would not be long before she would discover that the media house that is giving her coverage to malign President Lungu would turn against her after helping them achieve their political goals.

And Ms Kapata said the violence that has erupted in Solwezi West had been sparked by the presence of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema because his supporters were of the belief that they would win the by-election.

Ms Kapata however said the PF had penetrated Western Province and that the ruling party was certain about the victory in Solwezi West because President Lungu had shown total commitment to the people of North-Western Province.

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