Flashback: Parliament, judiciary have destroyed democracy by protecting rebel MPs – Sata

Flashback: Parliament, judiciary have destroyed democracy by protecting rebel MPs – Sata

By George Chellah
Mon 23 Nov. 2009, 04:01 CAT   [3300 Reads, 2 Comment(s)]
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Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata
PARLIAMENT and the judiciary have destroyed democracy in Zambia, Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata has said.And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema vowed to continue providing checks and balances to all institutions, including the judiciary.

Reacting to attacks by the PF ‘rebel’ members of parliament from Luapula province over his continued observations on the judiciary and former president Frederick Chiluba’s acquittal, Sata said the same judiciary and parliament were protecting MPs that were attacking him.

“Tell those rebel MPs that they cannot have it both ways. Let them resign so that we go to Luapula Province and see who is popular like we did in Kasama. The most honourable thing for them to do is to follow what Saviour Chishimba did, resign,” he said.

He said those attacking him were still in parliament because they were protected by parliament itself and the judiciary.

“…Parliament and the judiciary have destroyed democracy in Zambia,” he said.

Sata argued that their political parties sponsored members of parliament to parliament and that the National Assembly must respect that provision in the Constitution.

“The Speaker will definitely be accountable one day. The Constitution, which talks about sponsorship was enacted by parliament. The way he runs that parliament with that Clerk, you won’t get anything out of it,” Sata said. “The Speaker is too nice with the majority in parliament because he wants to protect his 80 per cent pension at the end of this parliament. He knows that once Rupiah gets annoyed, he will be fired like Max Nkole.”

He said PF had written so many letters to the National Assembly.

“If anything, Mr Mwanamwambwa can’t be equated to the late Robinson Nabulyato or even Mr Nyirenda. Mr Mwanamwambwa is killing democracy. The so-called PF members of parliament being refered to here are not original PF. The two original PF members of parliament from Luapula, Samuel Chitonge and Davies Mwila, have not signed the petition,” Sata explained. “You know the political history of these political mercenaries is that people like Besa Chimbaka (Bahati) were rejected by MMD and one Luapula chief asked PF to adopt him at the expense of original PF members that’s how we adopted him, Joseph Kasongo (Bangweulu) and Peter Machungwa (Luapula) failed to organise PUDD, Chiluba wanted to merge PUDD and PF but we rejected that.

“Jacob Chongo (Mwense), Ernest Mwansa (Chifunabuli), Dr Bernard Chisha (Pambashe) and Elizabeth Chitika all those were from FDD and they left after Edith Nawakwi became president. They have even benefited more from PF than PF has benefited from them because they are mercernaries.”

He said time was running out for the PF ‘rebel’ members of parliament hence their decision to align themselves with the MMD.

“But even if they come to Luapula with plundered money and MMD money we will knock them down. They have a lot of plundered money with them that’s why they can go to sign these petitions. Plundered money works can you see? We know they have plundered money,” said Sata. And Hichilema wondered why the MMD was so scared of him and Sata.

“We are just providing checks and balances and if there is something wrong with the judiciary we are going to say it. Shikapwasha can’t say that we should not comment about the judiciary. I have seen what the LAZ president is saying. But the Chief Justice said that he is evoking a legal provision, I have no problem with that,” Hichilema explained.

He explained that his main argument was with the Chief Justice’s admission that he had directed that high profile cases be subjected to a panel of three judges.

“If the Chief Justice behaves like that, we will continue commenting, that’s a legal right and democratic right. Whether it’s the judiciary, police, Electoral Commission of Zambia or whether it’s parliament, we will continue providing checks and balances,” said Hichilema. “These guys are panicking and we are enjoying seeing them panic. George Kunda is just worried that a few months from now, he will have no helicopter to fly in.”

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