FLASHBACK: PF Naive on GBM, says Sunday Chanda

On December 26, 2013, Zambia Reports wrote the following article:

Volatile Patriotic Front cadre Sunday Chanda has continued to publicly criticize his party with his latest tirade aimed at the party for playing down the resignation of Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba.
Chanda who runs the Open Society Foundation said the PF were being naïve by thinking the resignation of Mwamba had not caused any impact.
Chanda said the party should reflect on the resignation of Mwamba and ensure that they manage the emerging cracks carefully.
He also said the furore about the refusal to install Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was unnecessary.
Chanda said Sosala should be recognized as Chief Chitimukulu because he had been chosen by the Bemba Royal Establishment.

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