Flashback: RB administration starts working on Kazungula bridge

18 SEPTEMBER 2010 @ 16:21
Govt to build Kazungula Bridge

President Rupiah Banda says the construction and designing of the Kazungula Bridge across the Zambezi is expected to commence by the end of next year.President Banda says the construction of the Bridge which will start in 2011, will accelerate trade ties between Zambia and the entire southern African region.He said this during the official opening of the fifth session of the tenth National Assembly in Lusaka FridayMr Banda said a good transport and communication network is vital for commerce and trade adding that infrastructure is critical to development.And the President said government is committed to increasing power generation and reducing load shedding in the country.(For full details of President Rupiah Banda’s speech when he opened the fifth session of the tenth national assembly on Friday 17.09.

September 17, 2010 (QFM VERSION)

Republican President Rupiah Banda this morning officially opened the fifth session of the tenth National Assembly outlining his government’s programme for 2011, including an ambitious road construction and rehabilitation programme.
This is the second time President Banda graced the ceremonial opening of the National Assembly after coming assuming office in 2008.
Outlining his government’s programme for the coming year, president Banda said government would this year embark on the construction of the Mongu/Kalabo road among many other major road projects to be undertaken.
Mr Banda said good transport and communications are vital for commerce, and that his government would, construct, rehabiliat, and repair the country’s physical infrastructure.
He said in view of the high cost of these developments,public/private partnerships will be key in achieving the developmental plans.
President Banda revealed that progress has been made in designing the Kazungula Bridge across the Zambezi river, and that construction is expected to commence by the end of 2011.
He said the Kazungula Bridge would make regional trade with other countries in the southern part easier.
President Banda also mentioned the many road projects which his government is working on which he said are expected to be completed in 2011.
And President Banda has announced that government has procured nine mobile hospitals.
Mr Banda said government is committed to provide the Zambians with equity of access to cost-effective quality health care as close to the family as possible.
He said it is for this reason that his government is constructing district hospitals across the country and commission of these hospitals has since begun.
President Banda pointed out that in addition to the construction of health posts government procured nine mobile hospitals to increase access to health services in rural areas.
He said his goal is a health nation in which no one dies unnecessarily.

ZNBC APRIL30, 2011
Kazungula bridge construction next year
The construction of the two hundred and 30 million dollar proposed Kazungula Bridge in Southern Province will start in the first quarter of next year.The construction of the bridge is estimated to last for four years. This was announced at the signing ceremony of the ‘Kazungula Bridge Sponsor’s agreement’ between Zambia and Botswana.The signing ceremony took place in Botswana’s Kasane Town.Works and Supply Minister, Gabriel Namulambe signed on behalf of Zambia while Frank Ramsden, Botswana’s Minister of transport and Communication signed on behalf that country.The agreement aims to provide a comprehensive foundation for joint execution of the proposed Kazungula Bridge project.It will also give effect to the establishment of the ‘Kazungula Bridge Authority’ which will be the institutional basis for co-operation to construct and oversee the management and maintenance of the Bridge and border facilities.

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