Flashback: Sata is Not Presidential Material, Says Kaunda.

Flashback: Sata is Not Presidential Material, Says Kaunda.

Post newspaper: September 14, 2006 | 

By Lambwe Kachali And George Chellah

Lusaka, Sep 14, 2006 (The Post) — SATA is not presidential material, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda has said.

And Dr Kaunda said former president Frederick Chiluba must answer all the corruption charges leveled against him.

Meanwhile, Dr Kaunda said UDA presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema was the right person to rule Zambia after September 28.

During a MISA-Zambia’s Face the Media programme on Radio Phoenix yesterday, Dr Kaunda said he had worked with Patriotic Front president Michael Sata during his reign so he knew what kind of person Sata was.

He urged Zambians not be swayed by Sata’s empty promises…


Sata is Not Presidential Material, Insists KK.

| September 16, 2006 | Copyright

Sept 16, 2006 (The Times of Zambia)

FIRST Republican president Kenneth Kaunda has insisted that Patriotic Front (PF) leader, Michael Sata is not presidential material, while two University of Zambia (UNZA) graduates have also urged Zambians not to vote for Mr Sata, saying his promises were hollow.

In a joint statement, Lameck Lungu and Chris Mwanza said Mr Sata’s reckless utterances disqualified him from being presidential material.

They said it was not good for a leader to claim that he would destroy houses in shanty compounds and build more in three months.

“Mr Sata says he will build a hospital and high school …



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