Flashback: Sata was against idea of sole candidates

At the centre of the storm is whether or not Sata should stand for the next presidential election in 2016. Two camps have emerged in the party with one supporting the candidature while the other opposed. On Monday, Sata waded into the controversy saying that any member is free to seek election as party leader. He dispelled notions of a sole candidate and questioned the rationale of the endorsement campaign.”Unless you propose me, nobody can say they are endorsing me. You can only do so when someone has proposed me but nobody has done that… So how do you endorse me?” In a rare display of magnanimity, the usually combative Sata declared that there can be no sole candidates in the PF. He urged all those who are interested in contesting the presidency to campaign openly. “Once you start being a sole candidate, then you are going to be drifting back into dictatorship. Let all those who want to aspire come out in the open,” he said. He said he was not in a hurry to declare himself a candidate because he is already the leader. He spoke just in time to rescue the increasingly isolated and embattled Justice Minister and PF general-secretary, Wynter Kabimba who was seen to be in the group opposed to Sata’s sole candidature. The party has been tearing itself apart with Kabimba as a target of attacks.

– See full article here:http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?sid=10&aid=323&dir=2013%2FSeptember%2FMonday23#sthash.NHNG0glV.dpuf

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