Flashback: Ventriglias danger to peace and good order of Zambia – Edgar Lungu

TIMES OF ZAMBIA (Nov 23, 2012)

ZAMBEZI Portland Cement marketing director Valerio Ventriglia has been flown to Italy after his residence permit in Zambia was revoked.

This is a day after another director at the same firm, Danielle Ventriglia, had his residence permit revoked by the Immigration Department and flew out to Italy immediately.

Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu said the residence permit had been revoked and consequently cancelled because the two directors based in Ndola had violated the Immigration and Deportation Act No.18 of 2010.

Mr Lungu said the Government would deal with people who mistreat Zambian workers and was determined to cleanse all institutions by uprooting bad elements from Government.

‘The two directors have been identified as Valerio Ventriglia, owner of passport number YA0124866 issued on 4th December, 2009 and Danielle Ventriglia, owner of passport number Y420986 issued on 13th April, 2006 both of Italian origin and residing at Plot 3779, Chalo Chesu Road, Itawa, Ndola.

“This means that the two directors have no status which can allow them to reside or continue staying in the country and hence, the requirement is that they leave the country.”

Mr Lungu explained that the two directors had not been deported, but that their residence permits had been revoked for contravening the Immigration and Deportation Act.

The minister said the conduct of the two directors was found to be a danger to the peace and good order of Zambia.

He said when permits are given, there are conditions which the holder is expected to abide by and strictly adhere to.

Mr Danielle Ventriglia was flown aboard a South African plane through Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport around 13:00 hours on Wednesday while Valerio left yesterday.

“I want to assure workers at the company that the operations of the company are expected to continue because the removal of a director in a company does not mean the operations of that company should be put to a halt,” he said.

He said Government was merely dealing with individuals and not closing the company and would not relent in dealing with all those who pose as a threat to the security of the nation.

TIMES OF ZAMBIA (Nov 23, 2012)

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