FNB still charging to use ATM, refusing to pay our Dollars

FNB still charging to use ATM, refusing to pay our Dollars

Good morning Zambian watchdog!

I would like you to bring to the attention of the regulator BOZ and the general public on what is happening at FNB.
1. Firstly these people are still charging for withdrawing money using ATM machines. I thought there was a directive by BOZ to stop banks from charging clients that want to access their own money. This is very ridiculous.

2. The ATM vending machines at the FNB bank especially in Kabwe are most of the times on limited service because they have run out of cash. Can someone employed to make sure this service is available make sure that clients are taken care of. It’s embarrassing that this Bank which has an excellent reputation in South Africa is denting it reputation in zambia. Can you please protects the reputation that the bank has made by providing such services which customers are made to pay for anyway.

3. I have been to FNB Kabwe Branch to sale forex to the bank. The bank has refused to buy this forex on the pretex that they were upgrading the system. This is contributing to the exchange rate rising as the bank is not buying forex and creating a shortage in the banking system. I urge BOZ to monitor this anomaly and resolve it.

4. Am an a forex account holder at the bank. However, when ever you go to FNB kabwe to withdraw some hard currency, the will tell you that the not have foreign currency but ask you to transfer to your kwacha account.
Again this is a big anomaly because any Bank that has foreign accounts should at least keep a minimum amount for their clients that have foreign currency accounts have access to with draw.
In any case, we normally want to withdraw hard currency so that we can change it at other banks that have better rates.

Can BOZ kindly look at all these bad things happening at FNB especially kabwe Branch.

Please hide my identity.

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