FODEP expels Alex Ngoma for stealing ballots and undermining organisation

Press Statement on the Resolutions of the Board of Directors’ meeting held at FODEP House, Saturday, 14th January, 2012 delivered by FODEP Information, Publicity and Research Chairperson Isaac Ngoma .

  • Board of Directors
  • FODEP staff
    • Colleagues from the media

I wish to welcome you all to this urgent meeting convened to update you on the resolutions of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) which met today, Saturday, 14th January, 2012.

FODEP is a democratic and non-partisan organisation which thrives and respects its values. The happenings in our organisation in the recent events have been of great concern to members. The conduct of Dr. Alex Mwamba Ng’oma and Ms. Nalukui Milapo Muyangana as President and National Secretary of the Foundation for Process (FODEP) respectively since they assumed office has been of great disappointment to us Board Members.

The duo has been undermining the decisions of the board of Directors and bringing the name of the organisation in disrepute both nationally and internationally.

For instance, the duo have been disputing the Board of Directors’ decision to appoint Mr. Chipenzi as FODEP Executive Director contrary to article VIII (5) (a) of the FODEP Constitution.

The Board of Directors also felt that Dr. Ng’oma grossly misconducted himself when in South Africa where he went without the Consent of the National Executive Committee and Board of Directors and put the name of the organisation into disrepute. FODEP cannot continue to move with tag of being a ballot paper thieving organisation especially that Dr. Ng’oma has never briefed the NEC and Board of Directors on what transpired in Durban.

The duo has consistently violated the FODEP Constitution with impunity.

Ms Milapo’s unilateral decision to suspend the Executive Director, acts of destabilising the organisation, her arrogance, use of insult against subordinates and failure to respect instructions from the Board of Directors has been of great worry to us.

Henceforth, the Board of Directors have today resolved, of in the best interest of the organisation, to nullify the letter of suspension to the Executive Director as it was done without consultation with any organ. I wish to state here that FODEP has never suspended its Executive Director and remains the Executive Director of the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP). Mr. Chipenzi has now been given powers to run the organisation without interference.

Ladies and Gentlemen, because of the foregoing, the Board of Directors have today decided to expel Dr. Ng’oma and Ms. Milapo from FODEP and their positions as president and National Secretary respectively with immediate effect. The media is now advised not to deal with the duo immediately.

The new members of the National Executive Committee are

  1. Mr. Shepherd Chilombe-President
  2. Mr. Martin Mbewe- Vice-president
  3. Mr. Jacob Goma- National Secretary
  4. Ms. Ethel Mwanza-National Secretary
  5. Ms. Rosemary Phiri- Treasurer
  6. Mr. Isaac Ngoma- Information, Publicity and Research
  7. Mr. Clement Zulu-Civic Education
  8. Mr. Adrian Muunga-Programmes

It is therefore my sincere hope that you will give this new team the support you have always rendered to our organisations.

Thank you all for coming.

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