FODEP pulls out of planned NGOs demonstrations



The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says it will not participate in the countrywide demonstrations being organized by the civil society over the acquittal of former president Fredrick Chiluba.

FODEP president Stanley Mhango said in a press statement to the Watchdog that FODEP will instead employ other strategies to influence government’s position on matters of public concern and that its actions will be informed by its values, mission and mandate of strengthening institutions of democracy.

“it is FODEP’s considered view that constructive engagement and policy engagement has in the past resolved matters of conflict that seemed unattainable, an example of such, is the 1990 return to multiparty democracy, ‘ he said.

He said that FODEP is equally alive to the fact that demonstrations and protests have sometimes been used to bring to attention matters of national interest to governments attention.
“However, in light of the current developments concerning the acquittal of the Former president, it is FODEP’ S view that other strategies  be used since the matter involves the judiciary and the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and boarders on the integrity of this critical offices.
“We are cognizant to the fact that the Republican Constitution does provide for mechanisms of resolving matters that borders on unethical conduct by the said officers if suspected so.

“The organization [FODEP] therefore, is of the view that resorting to demonstrations might lead the general public to lose confidence in the judiciary and the office of the DPP. Doing so might lead to law lawlessness. States have been salvaged and preserved due to the people’s confidence in the judiciary where other organs of state have failed, he said.
Mhango said that FODEP will in the coming week be informing the general public on the practical steps and strategies it will undertake to contribute to the resolution of the current governance issues that the country is currently facing.
He also called upon the various interest groups to take kin interest in the constitution making process and ensure that a new constitution is put in place as one of the measures in mitigating and bringing to an end some of  the governance problems that the country has been experiencing in the recent past.

“Respect for the rule of law, tolerance, accountability, transparency and dialogue is the perquisite to the maintenance of political, social and economic stability and FODEP shall remain committed to this democratic principles, he said.

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