Following Dora’s challenge, Scott calls for reinstatement of fired nurses

Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott is disappointed with the deplorable standards at the country’s highest referral hospital, University Teaching hospital (UTH) which has been severely hit by a shortage of nurses following government’s decision to fire over 300 nurses for demanding better wages.

Like a clever fool, Scott made a visit to UTH following MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya’s challenge to ailing dictator Michael Sata to visit the institution which she likened to a death trap but was told by relatives to patients that the shortage of nurses was affecting them negatively.

Scott has told the Public service management division (PSMD)to quickly hear the nurses’ appeals and re-employ some but sources have disclosed that the PSMD will not implement Scott’s directive for fear of Sata who has directed that the nurses be fired because they associated with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema during the strike. The source has however said Dr. Scott was against the dismissal from inception.

To try and mitigate the impact, health minister Joseph Kasonde is pushing for the registration of nurses who recently graduated without following registration procedures.

“If you remember, UPND President HH visited UTH when the nurses were on strike to hear their complaint and assess the impact on patients but this did not go well with Mr. Sata who concluded that HH was fanning trouble and that the nurses be fired, so Dr. Kasinde is pushing the General nursing council to register the nurses because they can’t practice without licences, but these are people who just recently completed and some have not even got the results,” said the source placed at ministry of health.

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