Food Reserve Agency CEO, STAFF must go

Food Reserve Agency CEO, STAFF must go

We are appealing to the President of the Republic of Zambia to replace the FRA Management, as they have overstayed in their positions and serve no purpose to the development of the Agency and country at large. They are drunk with PF corruption and mismanagement to a point that it is not necessary for Government to keep such individuals in offices which would be against the New Dawn Principals as outlined by the President.

We hereby outline some of the reasons why we are requesting for action to be taken against this team below.

• Investigate the executive director’ Chola Kafwabula’a corruption using Time Trucking, Andrich and suppliers of EGBs Nishman. Investigate the suspicious award of contracts to Nshiman supply of EGBS. The bags under Nishman contract have been of poor quality but because he is the decision maker he continues to deal with them because of kickbacks that he is showered with.

• Investigate the role he played in the maize that was over drawn by Shared Resources. This case is with DEC and involved Kamba and the former councilor Tamba. These cadres are his friends and it is believed that he gave them money to fund raise for the PF party.

• The Board clearly stated he had overstayed on his contract but he bribed higher offices for Protection through cadres like Andrich and Kennedy Kamba who were benefitting from various suspicious deals. (Maize sales, transportation and supplying of goods).
• The Executive director needs to be investigated on the sales committee on which he is a member. He engineered the shifting of sales committee from the Agency to the Ministry of Agriculture with the former Permanent Secretary as they were working together. It is believed that they heightened the tripartite program where free maize was given out and the Agency lost about ZMK 355 Million in revenue and only selected and preferred millers and traders benefitted. Both the Executive director and PS lied to the nation that it was food secure and thereby arranged an early maize sales program at $350 per ton. As that is not enough, they were behind the massive drawing of maize from the reserves by DMMU under a toll milling program for relief maize and it is believed that they were given money by millers. Investigate him on Antelope Milling, APG Million and ETG- Export Trading.

• He does not conduct proper job assessments of his Managers when their contracts end for renewal, hence the same incompetent people retaining their jobs even though they don’t deserve them. All that matters to him is that they do him favors, they are bootlickers and they belong to the previous Government of PF.

Others areas to investigate;
• Is the ADAS Project which was given to Savenda to construct sheds country wide? Please find out who signed the contract and the penalty fees of ZMK856 Million that was paid. The use of same external auditors and auditors from the Auditors General office and as a result they have been compromised.

• Victimization of staff members by either firing, non-renewal of their contracts and unnecessary transfers to whom he does not like and who do not boot lick and frequent his office as he is the Alfa and Omega of the Agency.

• Sad to say but he uses his disability to gain sympathy from his superiors but unleashes hell to employees under him.
Others areas in the Agency that needs serious attention is the Human Resource Unit
The Human resource Unit has been messed up by the Human Resource Coordinator who is very unprofessional. She runs the unity has if it is her bedroom. Instead of advising management on employee issues and being the voice for the ordinary members of staff she’s speaks against and goes beyond human resource ethics. She does not support nor help staff members. For example;

• Job evaluation has been budgeted for since 2013, to date it has never been implemented because qualifications are not considered. Staff members have been misplaced. Promotions are given to her relatives and close friends with no proper qualifications and then asking qualified personal to look for jobs elsewhere. She has managed to do this country wide. Degree holders have same salaries with office orderly and when you complain management says leave and look for a job elsewhere
• When it comes to staff recruitment only her relatives (too much nepotism) are given opportunities and it is not easy to approach her on any other staff related issues worse still if you are affiliated to UPND.

• Another issue to note is when crossing to SG4 internal interviews are conducted, but surprisingly the recruitment process of the Executive Director’s secretary was not done accordingly. No interview were conducted she was just brought on by the Executive director’s wish and the human recourse coordinator concerted.

• When it comes to conditions of service, members of staff who are in the same grade scale have differences in conditions of service in terms of salaries, access to motor vehicles which is determined by how close you are to these people.
• Our condition of services are changed on a memo contrary to the employee code and instead of advising management on the human resource ethics she endorses on such misconduct.
• We have young members of staff qualified for management positions but instead contracts for over aged employees are been renewed in all departments.

Other areas to investigate; are purchase of personal to holder vehicles.

• Management ignored the Government circular on personal to holder vehicles that is the Procurement and allocation of motor vehicles. They have continued the old employee conditions of service that are contrary to the guidance provided.
According to the first condition of service regarding purchase of vehicles for staff at SG1 to SG3, the Contracts stated that they were entitled to purchase 1 vehicle at the end of one contract regardless of how many contracts you sign after that, they then revised it to 2 vehicles and Management decided to overlook the first contract so members of staff in that category have bought more than 2 vehicles as if the Agency is a profit making organization. It is believed that bribes are given to evaluators when evaluating vehicles for example purchase of Range Rover worth ZMK1.3million and sold at ZMK 65,000.00 after 3years. Jeep bought at ZMK 700,000.00 and sold at ZMK36, 500.00 after 3 years. Hilux/ Ford Ranger sold between ZMK 85,000.00 and ZMK 135,000.00 after 3 years.

Management through the Executive director refused employees to purchase brand new vehicles. Contrary to Governments directives for parastatal bodies to go into contracts with PMSD, management refused to give employees and only to themselves

• What is also surprising also is that field workers in the regions are deprived of vehicles that are in
Good condition but head office employees who are rarely in the field are given good vehicles

• Management also decided to remove airtime from SG5 so that they could add on fuel for their new purchased Jeeps which led to an increase of management gratuities and this has continued.
There are so many other malpractices, mismanagement and corruption that are going on in the Agency at top level of which we invite an independent Audit to prove these and other points that have been presented.

NOTE: Please take note that removing the Executive Director will not root out corruption, mismanagement and incompetence in the Agency but the removal of the entire Management team will save country and its people.

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