Food, transport shoot up in Mporokoso

Dear Edir,

A twenty-five (25) kilogram bag of breakfast  millie meal is selling at a price not less than KR 80.00/ K80,000.00, while a Roller Meal bag is selling between KR 65.00 & KR 75.00/ K65,000.00 & K75,000.00 in Mporokoso Northern Province.

Meanwhile the road construction from Mporokoso to Kasama is progressing at very slow pace and the road has gone from bad worse this rainy season all thanks to Sable Transport who have created muddy and impassable detours causing the transport fares to also shoot up to KR 80.00 / K 80,000.00 like a bag of millie meal. Motorists now take more than 5 to 6 hours on a 175 Kilometer stretch.

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