Foolish, thieving commanders


We write to express our displeasure at the selfish and thieving behaviour and conduct of the people entrusted with running the affairs of the Army, that is the Army Commander and hoodlum of thieves around him in the guise of staff officers.

It’s disheartening to note that these guys want to buy expensive and luxurious cars for a selected few fools who are doing nothing but plundering the little the Army has left. Here in Ndola Tug Argan barracks soldiers are made to alternate days of going for work due to inadequate transport. There is one serviceable bus and it alternates routes.

If it goes to Lubuto and areas there then Chifubu and other area in the route will not go for work and yet these minions want to spend K1m on one the so called Generals just to be galavanting and posing big whilst doing nothing. Can The President who is the Commander in Chief put a stop to this plunder and rot before we take it personal. Late FTJ was warned about General Nobby Simbeye but he thought we were just threatening. Remove these thieves before they make you totally unpopular. They will not win you an election. Unknown


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