For how much did Kambwili sell his soul to Lucifer ?

For how much did Kambwili sell his soul to Lucifer ?

It’s now 6 years down the line since Mr Chishimba Kambwili made this political statement and vow.

Today what all know and not a hidden fact and is in public domain is that Dora Siliya was welcomed and accepted in PF.

Let us not debate here about Dora’s or PF’s principles of accepting Dora into the party that she so vehemently and vigorously opposed to and insulted.
Asking for principles in PF will be like asking as to when the cheap fuel will arrive from Saudi Arabia.
The issue at hand now is to ask whether Kambwili managed to sell his soul to the Devil when Dora was accepted in PF.
If Kambwili did manage to sell his soul to the devil,  is this the reason why we are now witnessing his political upheavals, his trials and tribulations?
As politically minded, caring and friendly Zambians, are we just supposed to be condemning or celebrating Kambwili’s downward fall in his political trajectory? NO.
Chishimba Kambwili still remains the most promising, prolific and vibrant politician that Zambian should be proud of.
So instead of us just condemning and celebrating his potential political downfall, it’s better we lift him back.
Let us mobilize ourselves and contribute money and then look for that Devil who bough his soul and refund that Devil.
We need Kambwili more in our current country’s political dynamics than we need the Devil’s continued holding onto Kabwili’s soul.
With or without Dora in PF, with or without his unfortunate faintaings, Chishimba Kambwili still remains a political force and factor to reckon with, with so much political influence in any available political space in Zambia.
Friday Kashiwa.

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    Big James 2 weeks ago

    We are sorry for CK. But we are watching the events. If ba CK goes back to PF, we want to see if PF will add any Letter from NDC, secondly if PF will give him 30 MP sits even 5 to contest as NDC, if not then politicians cannot be trusted. What difference will it make if he had joined UPND? It is from here we will be able to see if ba mudala ba CK baliba principled. I liked his boldness without knowledge. This will educate us Zambians that politics are for stomachs, I saw ba GBM balesonta akapafu ifyo kakulile kuli ba Charles ??? who defected from UPND to PF, “emuli ukulya mona ifyo ulufumo lwandi lukulile”. I cannot withstand the way ba GBM insulted President Lungu on UPND platform, today aletobela mudala. Mwandi kosa mudala nomba it shows that such people should not be trusted, because a principled person needs to be consistency. as observers we are watching the happenings.

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    Mr Kashiwa, how can you have Kambwili as your hero? Kambwili and his friend GBM are not politians but Insultants. They are loud noise makers without substance and principles. Mention one thing that you can think of as a master class political manovour. Zero apart from big bodies and uncouthy language.

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    Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

    It’s not about selling his soul.

    He is just an opportunist like GBM, Miles Sampa and Erick Chanda. All thought they were late Michael Sata’s heirs but Lungu and RB outmanoeuvred them. 

    In addition they like Elias Chipimo and Edith Nawakwi thought being opposition was easy but reality is the opposite. 

    Lastly Kambwili was dumb enough to give Lungu enough ammunition to lock him up over registering a company using a minor. Kambwili also didn’t prepare financially for life in opposition. Unlike Levy Mwanawasa who didn’t squeeze his businesses Lungu and group applied maximum pressure.

    Lungu should monitor all these hyper-ambitious people around him like Kambwili, GBM, Bwalya Ngandu, Emmanuel Mwamba and others do. In the early 1990s some people believe a faction in MMD was behind Mwanawasa’s accident to try to prevent him from succeeding Frederick Chiluba. Shaka Zulu was finally removed by his own brothers Dingaan and Pande.

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    Njangwamuloty 2 weeks ago

    The Devil bought Chimbwili Kashimba’s soul for one Ngwee and a heart of a female monkey 🐒 

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      Eneli 1 week ago

      Imbwili no mbwili still CK is a principled politician and is above these fake politicians we see today. Watch the space