For undermining Lungu, minister Chilufya told to resign

For undermining Lungu, minister Chilufya told to resign

By Patricia Mbewe

The opposition Movement for National Transformation has contended that Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya should resign for undermining the president on a number of occasions.

Party President, Daniel Shimunza says on two occasions now, of the last presidential addresses, the minister has acted in dissonance, and contradiction, to what the presidential directives were.

Dr. Shimunza explains that the minister failed to advise the president well on the opening of churches that led to contradictions in statements up to now while soon after the national address on the presidential directive to open bars, hotels, and restaurants, more cases of covid-19 were reported.

He has wondered why there should always be changes to what President Edgar Lungu directs, if consultations are done before the briefings and has argued that Covid 19 statistics being given do not tally with hard evidence, allowing media in the reporting on centers for accountability and transparency.

Further, Dr. Shimunza says the minister should resign for politicizing covid-19, for personal publicity and for failing to manage front line- worker’s safety as evidenced from the death of a biomedical officer, with covid-19 samples in a bus that plunged in the Kabompo River among other reasons why he should step down.

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