Foreign Affairs Minister sends Concubine into foreign service

Foreign Affairs Minister sends Concubine into foreign service



Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has appointed his girlfriend to replace a qualified diplomat at the High Commission in Tanzania, Intelligence sources have disclosed.

According to the sources, Kalaba has appointed his Girlfriend and Church mate Maloni to replace a Mr. Yosi Miti at the Zambian High Commission in Tanzania. The source said Kalaba from the time he was appointed Foreign Affairs minister has recalled a number of diplomats.

Kalaba and Maloni have a child, of course Kalaba is married to someone lese.

The source said Maloni was even given farewell prayers at Grace Ministries Pentecostal Church as she is supposed to leave for Tanzania on 26 May 2014 to replace Mr. Miti as First Secretary at the High Commission.

“We have been following up reports as the Intelligence on Honourable Kalaba’s conduct from the time His Excellency appointed him Foreign Affairs Minister and we have confirmed that his conduct is not good. He has even appointed a Girlfriend they have a Child with as First Secretary at our mission in Tanzania. Her name is Maloni. Last Sunday at Grace Ministries there was even an announcement that the church prays for her as she leaves,” the source said.

The source said a report is being done to be presented to President Michael Sata noting that it was like Kalaba thought he was untouchable.

“He behaves like he is untouchable. We are preparing a report to be presented to the President. We can not have a Minister who picks a prostitute from the streets have a Child with her and appoint her as a Diplomat,” the source said.

The source also wondered what type of Church Grace Ministries was to encourage adultery as the church leadership is well aware that Kalaba who also goes to the same Church is a married person.

“Some of these Churches can surprise you. The Pastor and the entire Church leadership know very well that Kalaba is married but they even ask prayers for an adulterer,” the source said.

Kalaba is a married person and his wife runs the New Vision Newspaper located in Avondale Lusaka.

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