Foreign leaders shun Lusaka agriculture show

Foreign leaders shun Lusaka agriculture show

The Patriotic Front governement’s jinx with foreign heads of state to grace national events has continued with no foreign leader coming to officiate at the Agricultural and Commercial show.

Apart Robert Mugabe who has also stopped coming, no head of government or president from anywhere in the World has ever visited Zambia from the time Michael Sata became president.
Even on his inauguration, there was no other president. But for Kenya’s Kenyanta, who is wanted for crimes against humanity, almost all presidents from Africa gathered for him in Nairobi. K

After struggling with the International Trade Fair, the Michael Sata governement has allegedly been shunned for the Agricultural and Commercial Show.

The International Trade Fair was eventually graced by Commerce Minister Emmanuel Chenda, the first time in its history that it had to be opened by a minister.

Show organizing committee chairperson Joe Mwale said the event will be graced by Republican Vice President Guy Scott.

Mwale announced that the show will attract about 1000 exhibitors with 22 countries confirming attendance.

Zambia’s international credentials have been on a downward spiral following Human Rights abuses, lacking on diplomatic etiquette by President Sata that puts off foreign heads of State. No foreign head of state, apart from Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, has visited Zambia in the near two years Sata has been President.

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