Foreign Presidents Shunning Zambia, deaths maybe linked to sacrifices – Dr Mumba

Opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy president Nevers Mumba says Zambia has been shunned by foreign Heads of State since President Michael Sata took over due to the fast deteriorating international image.

And Mumba said there was nothing wrong with him having branded President Sata’s withdrawal of former Republican President Rupiah Banda’s passport as stupid.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix’s Let The People Talk Mumba said there may be merit in linking recent rampant accidents to acts of human sacrifices by political leaders.

Mumba said since President Sata assumed office there had been no visit by any Head of State despite the PF leader regularly visiting other countries.

He said for the first in the country’s history the annual Zambia International Trade Fair had been shunned by the international leaders leaving a minister to officiate.

“Zambia’s international image has suffered since the PF took over government. No foreign Head of State has ever visited Zambia since President Sata took over government 20 months ago. We are being shunned,” he said.

“Despite President Sata having been to every continent and many countries none of all the Head of States he has visited have reciprocated. He has been to Japan, India, Korea, United Kingdom among other countries but none of those countries have reciprocated.”

He said the deteriorating human rights situation in the country has put off the international community.

“Because no foreign Head of State wants to take that risk of being ridiculed by our unpredictable Head of State they have shunned the Trade Fair in the end we have only ended up with a minister openning the ceremony which has never happened in the history of this country,” he said.

Mumba said President Sata’s foul language at diplomatic events was embarrassing to the Zambia people.

“Honestly he goes to Angola to sing ZANU-PF slogans, he goes to Botswana and mocks them that they are like a little village and those are the things that are hurting the country’s international image,” he said.

“Right now Zambia’s international image is at its lowest. Even his press officer every statement that comes from George Chella is insulting opposition leaders, belittling them, mudslinging that is not governance.”

Mumba said the MMD would clearly address their dissatisfaction with the Zambian judiciary that he said was colluding with the PF government to nullify all petitioned MMD seats.

“You have seen what is happening at the Supreme Court where the judiciary is conniving with the PF to nullify our seats. We will be making our position in the next few days because clearly there is a problem,” he said.

Mumba said acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda should step aside to redeem her image.

He said Chibesakunda had been rejected by the parliamentary select committee for being over-age and also having retired.

He also insisted that it was stupid for President Sata to have withdrawn Banda’s diplomatic passport.

“I did not call anyone stupid but I called the act to withdrawal the diplomatic passport as stupid and I still stand by it,” he said.

And on the road accidents Mumba said the spate of road accidents was worrying.

“The amount of accidents that have been taking place in this country and the spilling of blood is a matter of concern,” he said.

“The question that is being asked by many Zambians is that, could this spilling of blood have anything to do with human sacrifice? If it is then we ask the people involved to stop it because we are a Christian nation. Those people involved will have a terrible end. We have to ask God to protect.”

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