‘Foreigner Lungu has committed high treason ‘

By Nason Msoni

The revelation that Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not a bonafide Zambian citizen is too serious to be ignored.

That being the case it means he is illegally in office and may have committed high treason, knowing too well that he was not a bonafide citizen but went ahead to contest for elections to that office.

In view of the seriousness of the offence committed it is hereby commanded that he must immediately relinquish the office of President of the republic of Zambia.

This now provides the answer to the reckless borrowing and plunder and theft of public funds.

Again this serious revelation of Mr. Lungu being a non bonafide Zambian citizen but occupying the Zambian Presidency brings into sharp focus the role of the Zambian security intelligence service which is plainly failing the country by failing to adequately screen all individuals offering themselves for the highest office in the land.

The question is how did this happen?
The allegation is too serious to be ignored and we ask the relevant state institutions to carry out a thorough but fair investigation to ascertain the origin and the eligibility of Mr. Edgar Lungu for office of President.
A President who is held hostage through blackmail can be a danger to the wellbeing of the state.

Perhaps this revelation gives a clue why this President is hopelessly weak in the fight against corruption .
He is held hostage by plunderers who know his origin.

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