Foreigners hide in police stations

Foreigners hide in police stations

Hundreds of foreign nationals have converged in various police posts in shanty compounds seeking protection from Zambian attackers who are looting their shops and businesses.

Yesterday Zambians rioted and looted shops owned by non-Zambians especially people from Rwanda. One person was burnt to ashes in Kanyama but his identify has not yet been verified. He is believed to be a Zambian.

The riots were sparked off by PF Government reckless statements that some people believed to be foreign nationals had been apprehended by police in connection with the ritual killings.

That reckless statement and tone alone has now led to xenophobic attacks against foreigners and their businesses. With the current economic crisis and poverty, people are taking advantage of the situation.

People are mainly looting food stuffs such as mealie meal, sugar, bread, cooking oil and other essential commodities that have gone way beyond majority of the Zambian people.

There has also been very slow action on the part of the police which is known to act swiftly when issues involve PF political opponents like they did last week guarding UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe’s law firm for three days and nights waiting for nothing when these officers would have been deployed to trouble spots and hunt the ritual killers.

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