Foreigners in our own country

Foreigners in our own country


1. When Government revoked Prime TV license without following procedures there was no problem. When Chinese firms that subjected employees to slave conditions and racism, a situation that required urgent action, revoking license was deemed against procedure.

2. When a minister insults a tribe of fellow Zambians he is ignored, but when a mayor insults a Chinese he is made to apologise.

3. When South Africans killed two or three foreigners during the last xenophobic attacks in their country, Zambians protested. When Zambians killed 50 Zambians during the gassing related mob justice, Zambians went on facebook.

4. When HH raised alarm over the intentions of PF to sale ZAFFICO to Chinese, the PF youths on the copperbelt demonstrated on what they termed as xenophobia. When Chinese business refuses to provide a service to Zambians and calls them foreigners, vili ndwii

5. When Minister of Finance enforces austerity measures and spending cuts the President publicly contradicts him and says Chinese projects will not be affected while Zambian contractors are left to keep chasing debts.

6. As we speak Lusaka has more signposts that are written in Mandarin (Chinese) than in any of our indigenous languages yet we only have about 80,000 Chinese people making up 0.005% of the Zambian.

7. When Top Star removes a Zambian company from its signal carriage government supported the move. When small business complain about being put out of business by Chinese shops, government ignores.

8. Bowman can go on a rampage beating up Zambians like dogs despite them comply to police orders, yet when the Mayor takes civil action against gross racism and slavery conditions against Zambians he is deemed to have gone too far simply because it is against the chinese. To make things worse the mayor also shamelessly apologises in what is a new “chinese priviledge” facilitated by PF adminsitration.

Richard W

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