Foreigners on voters’s role worry traditional ruler

CHIEF Chinyaku of Chipata says reports that some foreigners have been captured in the Electoral Commission of Zambia voters’ register is scary.

And chief Chinyaku says he is not happy with the government’s delay to provide quality water in his area.

In an interview, chief Chinyaku said foreign voters could not do any good to Zambia.

“Aba banthu kwaseo temamfumu, nichotiyofya chifukwa ndiye banthu bamodzi boguliwa. Munthu asali wako kuliye changalongosole koma wako angalongosole chifukwa aba bayake niboguliwa so boguliwa sitibafuna, tufuna teka teka (These people, to us chiefs, it’s scary because they are the same people that are hired or bought. A person who is not yours cannot do any good compared to the person who belongs to you. We don’t want those who are hired, we want our own),” chief Chinyaku said.

He said the government should act on reports that foreigners had registered to vote in the August general elections.

“Strangers cannot bring development here, so the issue of these foreign voters should be looked into by the government. The government should be hard on foreign voters,” chief Chinyaku said.

He said chiefs could not choose a candidate on behalf of the people but that their subjects are free to make their own choices during voting.

“Everyone is free to come to chiefs to explain what they want to do or what they have done. All the politicians are our children as chiefs and they are welcome to visit us,” said chief Chinyaku.

The Post recently published an exposé of thousands of foreigners from neighbouring countries who  have been registered as voters in Zambia.
Some Malawian headmen talked to said they were eager to travel to Zambia to vote in the August 11 general elections.

The registration of foreign voters, especially those living along Zambia’s borders, is feared to be part of the rigging scheme by the Patriotic Front.
Meanwhile, chief Chinyaku said he has had a serious water problem in his area since 1991 when his dam was damaged.

“I share drinking water with domestic animals. I only have a borehole at my palace. I have talked about this for a long time. I don’t know what is happening. I am asking government, surely is there a palace without water? How will the lives of my people be? I informed the DC, from there I went to the PS and the PS promised me that we shall discuss, but there is nothing up to now,” complained chief Chinyaku.

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