Former ambassador condemns PF on medical personell

Former ambassador condemns PF on medical personell

Former Zambia Deputy Ambassador to Washington Joe Chilaizya has slammed government’s decision to stop nurses and doctors from practicing privately.

Chilaizya has called the decision as reckless and thoughtless.

Chilaizya was commenting on a circular released by Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Dr. Kennedy Malama who has stopped nurses and doctors from working in private hospitals and clinics during their spare time.

He wrote:
“Zambians doctors and nurses are the lowest paid in the region.”

“They work in private practice to supplement their incomes. Private Clinics and Hospitals pay better.”

“So we need to applaud that they still even work at Government hospitals.”
He noted that the effect of Malama’s decision will cause a mass exodus on these professionals from government hospital.

“The effect is a mass exodus to America and Europe where nurses are paid $72/hour.”

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