Former army commander apologises to Sata

Former army commander apologises to Sata

Former Zambia Army Commander Wisdom Lopa has apologised to President Michael Sata for the statements he made during the campaigns for the last general elections.

General Lopa who has since been fired said he inadvertently referred to Sata when he issued a statement on behalf service chiefs on August 3, 2011.

That day, Lopa advised Sata who was then an opposition leader against involving the military in his politicking as it is dangerous.

General Lopa said that Sata wa lying that all the three top commanders in Zambia were working with him.

Sata claimed on 29 July, 2011 that all service chiefs were working with him.

But General Lopa who spoke on behalf of other commanders said these insinuations were not true as he and all the soldiers were loyal to then commander-in-Chief President Banda.

General Lopa advised Sata to desist from dragging soldiers in his politics. He said once soldiers take political sides, they can be divided and this could lead to anarchy.

But today general Lopa retracted his statement saying he mentioned Sata inadvertently.

He was speaking at Arrackan Barracks when he bid farewell to soldiers.

He said he hoped Sata will accept his apology.

He advised serving soldiers to avoid taking partisan politics.

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