Former CBoH workers not paid despite court order

I write  to  humbly  request  your Organisation (  which has greatlt helped several  People in this  Country )  to  follow-up  on  the PACKAGES  of  the  former Central  Board of Health (CBoH)  employees  who  have NOT  been  paid  up  to  now  from 2004  when CBoH  abolished.

The  case  went  to  Court  and  Musa  Mwenye  was  the  Lawyer  the  workers  hired.  The Court  ruled  in FAVOUR  of  the Former  CBoH  EMPLOYEES.  A court order   was  issued  to  the  then  Permanent  Secretary  Dr. Simon  Miti  to  payall  the  former  employees  of  CBoH.  However, the Ministry  of Health  did  not  do  this  up to now.  Instead  they went to bribe  the lawyers of the workers.  The Court [order] is  still there  up  to  now  in the Office  of  the PS-Ministry of Health.

President Michael  Sata  used  this matter  extensively  to campaign against  the MMD  Government  but  since  he  came  in to  power  nothing  has been  done todate.  Workers have been trying to meet  Mr. Musa Mwenye ( Lawyer) but he keeps  promising to act  but  nothing is  taking place. Most of the Workers  have even died.  Both  Dr. Simon Miti   and  Dr. Velepi Mtonga  Permanent Secretaries  at  Cabinet Office  are fully aware  of  this  including  the Secretary to the Cabinet.


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