Former Communications D/minister eyes Sinjembela under UPND

Former Communications D/minister eyes Sinjembela under UPND


Mubika (right)

Highly places sources within the UPND have revealed that former Communications Deputy Minister Mubika Mubika is working closely with the party in Sinjembela constituency.

The sources say that once the sitting parliamentarian Poninso Njeulu, a deputy minister in the PF is expelled from the UPND for gross indiscipline and working with the enemy, Mubika will be fielded as the UPND parliamentary candidate.

Mubika is said to be already on the ground and victory will be as easy as drinking water especially that Njeulu is hard to sale and won the last elections just because of the party name.

But Njelu is panicking and with encouragement and financial support from his sponsor Sata is going round villages promising roads, industries. Njeulu, learning fast from Sata is also involved in trying to divide the people of Sinjembela on tribal lines.

Mubika is the former Sinjembela MP under MMD. He beat the Poninso Njeulu when he stood on ULP. in 2011, Njelu stood on UPND and beat Mubika of MMD.

Meanwhile sources at the UPND Secretariat have revealed that the party will soon fill in the vacant positions of vice-president for gender and vice-president for economic affairs.  The sources said that some high profile personalities have been identified for the positions with a view of adding value to the party.

Contacts at the UPND Secretariat have revealed that the Secretary General Winstone Chibwe is to blame for the party’s failure to progress. They have explained that Chibwe is politically naïve and a coward who spends most of his time in the office drinking tea with fritters as opposed to touring the country to meet party members on the ground. Because of this incompetence Chibwe was recently assaulted by an irate party member over the loss of the Kapiri-Mposhi parliamentary by-election.

The contacts have predicted that Chibwe will lose his position during the forthcoming convention likely to be held in June 2014.


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