Former DC still occupying govt house 3 years on

Former DC still occupying govt house 3 years on


Former Livingstone District Commissioner Ormar Musanje has been living in a government house for the past three years.

He has also continued to receive a salary every month despite not being employed.

This is one of the many financial scandal under the failed Patriotic Front government.

In 2016 General Elections Munsanje was adopted as a Parliamentary Candidate on a pf ticket for Livingstone Central but lost.

Instead of vacating from the government house after appointing someone to act as DC,Edgar Lungu has promised him a job while paying him using public funds.

Livingstone Acting DC now for the past three years is wondering on what is happening.

She has not been confirmed as DC while Munsanje is enjoying unworked for salary per month.

The question begging for urgent answer is why keeping a liability in a government house for three years?

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    He will continue enjoying that because the law of the land allows him to, and it’s not only him baaba. Any civil cervant who was in a government structure when the law was amended are still enjoying the benefits that came with it. You need to do your research properly zw

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    Has he been paid whats due to him for him to vacate the house? The law of the land allows any civil servant to stay in a government building until they are paid what they worked for.

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    Mafuta 6 days ago

    Its within the law for him to continue enjoying his benefits.