Former deputy speaker Nalumango joins UPND, says PF is product of deceipt

Former deputy speaker Nalumango joins UPND, says PF is product of deceipt

Former deputy speaker of National Assembly Mutale Nalumango has described the ruling PF government as a product of deceit that promised people things they were not going to implement just because they wanted elected into office.

And UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has said the people of Zambia should brace for more suffering because the people in leadership have no plans to move the country forward.

Speaking at the UPND Secretariat when she joined the UPND, Ms. Nalumango, who is also former Kaputa MP and first woman to occupy the highest office in parliament, said she was joining the UPND with a view to help the country out of the mess when the opposition party forms government.

“As you can see, I am joining the UPND so as to strengthen the opposition at a time when selfish people are going to the ruling party for benefits. For me it is out of principle that I join the UPND as I am not looking for personal benefits like others who join the ruling party are doing. There will be no resources wasted by me joining the UPND because there will be no unnecessary and wasteful by-election like we have witnessed as a country,” she said.

She said she has made the decision after wide consultions with the grassroots in her area and other parts of the country.

Ms. Nalumango said it was now clear that the PF government that people voted into office would not deliver their election promises as they merely cheated through the famous ‘donchi kubeba’ to the masses so as to be elected.

“We warned the people of Zambia and I am glad that some of us have been vindicated. I am one of those that told people never to trust the PF and I am glad people are now ready for real change that will bring about development through the UPND leadership under Hakainde Hichilema,” she said.

And the UPND president Mr. Hichilema said the Zambian people signed a social contract with the PF based on their electoral promises, but today the PF has breached that contract by doing the opposite.

“They promised more money in your pockets. But now it is no money in your pockets. It is only Mr. Sata and his ministers that are enjoying free things from food, hefty salaries and allowances, the largest cabinet in Africa yet they want you to sacrifice,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said decency requires that anyone who wants people to sacrifice should first lead by example which is not the case with Mr. Sata and his ministers.

He called on all well-meaning Zambians to join the UPND as the real and genuine alternative to the destruction currently going on.

“Our hands and doors are open to all Zambians regardless of where they come from. Don’t listen to people who are trying to divide our beautiful and friendly people of Zambia by dividing us through bufi (cheating). We are one people and should all embrace one another for us to develop,” he said.

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