Former Kaoma DC swindles UNIP

UNIP officials have reported to police former Kaoma district commissioner, Moses Chiteta Chinyama in the former MMD government for duping them out of a KR1, 500.00.

Chinyama accepted to file his nomination papers at Mitete nomination center under the UNIP ticket while at the same he was busy supporting the PF candidate, Ms Eileen Imbwae in the April 23, 2013 parliamentary by-elections.

After he failed to fulfill his promise of running under UNIP, he cheated the UNIP officials that he dropped the money when the speedboat he used capsized in the flooded Lungwevungu River on his way to Mitete polling station.

But Chinyama was seen in same speedboat that Lukulu district commissioner, David Muzinda used when he went to receive vice president Dr. Guy Scott and other government ministers.

The UNIP officials led by a Ms Sombo from Mangango constituency of Kaoma district who are currently lodging at Lukulu district UNIP chairman Mbambi Manengu’s residence are still waiting for the former DC to pay them back their money failure to which they will take him to to the courts of law.

The matter has since been reported to Lukulu police station where UNIP is complaining that Chinyama obtained money from the oldest political party under false pretence.

Early last year, Mr Chinyama resigned from the former ruling MMD party to join the Patriotic Front.

Meanwhile, the former DC Chinyama is currently facing court charges in the Lukulu magistrate court for selling his house to more than two customers.

Magistrate Kahonyi Mushabati ordered the court to seize Chinyama’s properties amounting K28 million among them a Toyota Nadia and other household goods. Chinyama who almost committed suicide started sending mobile text messages to his relatives that he was about to take up his life because the situation was now tough.

The situation forced him to rush to Mongu high court after the failed suicide attempt to seek an injunction to restrain the magistrate court from auctioning his property and was ordered to pay back the money in installments of K9.5 million for two months after which the interests calculated by the lower court will be determined later.

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