Former Kapiri MP joins UPND, paty calls for medical board to examine Sata’s mental stability

Former Kapiri MP joins UPND, paty calls for medical board to examine Sata’s mental stability

ChibweFormer MMD Kapiri Mposhi MP Lawrence Zimba this morning officially joined the opposition UPND and declared his intention to re-contest his nullified seat in the area under the party.

And the UPND has stated that they will invoke the constitutionally provisions and write to the Chief Justice to constitute a medical board to examine the mental status of president Michael Sata.

Joining the party today at the UPND party secretariat together with other members from various parties, Mr. Zimba said the UPND is the only party with a clear developmental manifesto that can uplift the majority Zambians from poverty.

Mr. Zimba further said he was happy to join a party that has higher chances of forming government whenever elections are held.

The Supreme Court recently nullified the Kapiri Mposhi seat held by Mr. Zimba under the MMD who now said wishes to re-contest the seat under UPND and prove that he genuinely won it.

And in welcoming Mr. Zimba, UPND Secretary General Winston Chibwe said the former parliamentarian was free to participate in the party’s affairs at any level.

Mr. Chibwe said UPND was definitely forming the next government going by the growing popularity on the ground and said more people are welcome to join.

He said the UPND was very accommodating party that is focussed on developing the nation once they assume office.

Others who joined include former PF Kankoyo MP under PF in the Copperbelt Percy Chanda.

And UPND Senior member Douglas Siakalima said the party will soon write to the Chief Justice citing provisions of the constitution to constitute a medical board to examine the mental status and stability of president Sata.

Mr. Siakalima who is also a psychologist said going by the recent conduct of the president he suspects it is time he was mentally checked to determine his suitability and stability to hold office before he does worse things.

He said in the past the nation has tolerated Mr. Sata’s numerous constitutional breaches and conduct because they thought that was his character but now things are getting out hand.

“At the rate he is going, we have no option but write the Chief Justice to have the president’s mental state examined because as the Commander in Chief, he can cause chaos in the country. There is nothing defamatory or malicious about this demand because it is provided for in the constitution,” Siakalima said during the press briefing.

Mr. Siakalima said the party wants to be sure they are dealing with a mentally stable president because there was currently a lot of anxiety in the country going by the way the president has been behaving and conducting himself in public appearances.

And the UPND has maintained its position that there was no need to call for lifting of former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity insisting that what was actually required was the impeachment of president Sata who has done worse things in constitutional breaches than Mr. Banda who is merely a target of hate by a well-known cartel.

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