Former Lukulu MP Mutelo joins UPND

Former Lukulu MP Mutelo joins UPND

muteloFormer MMD Lukulu West MP Misheke Mutelo has joined the opposition UPND.
Mutelo recently lost an election petition in the Supreme court and now wants to defend his seat under the UPND in the forth-coming by-election.

Mutelo lost the court petition at the same time with forrmer Kapiri Mposhi MP who also joined UPNP.

Mutelo said he has joined the UPND after wide consultations with his constituency.

In welcoming Mr. Mutelo, party president Mr. Hakainde Hichilema thanked him for making a wise decision, especially at a time some people were going elsewhere.

He said some people were joining the PF government as part of the on-going extravagance with the PF which has the biggest cabinet in Africa.

He said those joining PF are people who just had weaker morals in society of wanting to personally benefit at time there was too much poverty and more pressing needs.

Mr. Hichilema said there are too many lies from the PF leadership, such as the purported creation of 50,000 jobs.

“When I say president Michael Sata is lier, people accuse me of being malicious, yet you all heard him recently saying I was the one who signed the Choma declaration with Kenneth Kaunda. How could a 12 year old Hakainde that time have sat with then president Kaunda to sign the Choma declaration,” Mr. Hichilema asked.

He accused Mr. Sata of not sleeping and always telling lies about him.

“All the problems and failures of PF going in the county Mr. Sata always accuses me,” he said.

He said PF were doing a ‘donchi kubeba’ to the people of Zambia.

Mr. Hichilema said PF police were throwing tear-gas in the rooms and clinics after the recent protests at UNZA, when students were demanding for what is rightly theirs in terms of project and meal allowances.

They are busy causing by-elections yet they claim to have no money to pay students.

This is not the leadership the youths wanted for those who voted for them.

“I never thought that after 1991, another dictator would come. Zambia in our eyes has degenerated into brutal regime,” Hichilema said.

People are being arrested even before full investigations are carried out.

He said citizens were now being arrested in police cells like mass murders even before investigations are done.

On Mealie meal queues, Mr. Hichilema said that was now the order of the day because of failures of PF.

He accused the PF government of having over-exported the maize than the national maize requirement.

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