Former minister beats, abducts girl for dumping him

Former minister beats, abducts girl for dumping him

Former mines minister Richard Kazala has abducted his ex-girlfriend for ditching him.

Kazala, the owner of Mining Haulage in Chingola severely beat up Mumba Mwalula on Tuesday before abducting her to an unknown location.

When the Watchdog contacted Kazala on his mobile number, he could neither confirm nor deny.

ZWD: is it true Sir that you have beaten up and abducted your ex-girlfriend Mumba because she ditched you?

Kazala: “Call me on a number I know. You are calling me on a private number.’

ZWD: ‘The number is not really important Sir because I told you where I am from so where is she now and is she safe?”

Kazala: ‘I am not a politician and I am not



into fights.’ He cut the line.

But according to sources in Chingola, Kazala’s family is worried as they do not know what is her happening to her and the police in Chingola are not able to help as they are said to be on the payroll of Kazala.

Mumba runs Zemu Auto Centre that belongs to her mother in Chililabombwe.

Kazala and his musclemen abducted Mumba from her work after beating her.

According to people close to Mumba, she and Kazala had a short fling but Mumba found another man and dumped Kazala. Kazala reacted by going to her work place, beat her up, shoved her in the vehicle and drove of. The family has not seen Mumba since that time.

Kazala is known for womanising around the Copperbelt, given the money he inherited from his father.

Kazala is a former MP for Nchanga and was minister in the Levy Mwanawasa regime.

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