Former MP for Luanshya Chungu forged grade 12 certificate

Former MP for Luanshya Chungu forged grade 12 certificate

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I want to register my disappointment with the ECZ. I thought ECZ systems could not be cracked but I guess I was wrong. I have serious questions on some of the verified and confirmed Grade 12 results for some candidates. Stephen Chungu, the former MP for Luanshya, has forged his Grade 12 certificate which is verified and a confirmation letter has been given to him. 

I was a student at Luanshya Boys Secondary School in the early 80s and in the same class with Stephen (Steven) Chungu, who I know very well. I know for sure that he failed Grade 12 but to hear that he has a verified Grade 12 certificate with a confirmation letter is not only appalling but scandalous. Where did he get that Grade 12 certificate (Stephen Chungu, Luanshya Adult School, Index No. 0374378, year of completion 2002, Center 5185, Exam No. 6151850272)? In 2002, Steve was in Congo after he suffered depression after losing 2001 elections in Roan Constituency. I want ECZ to tell me and to tell the nation how that he was in two places at the same time and obtaining a School Certificate and GCE. Steven is a crook, a criminal and a forgery expert.

He has gone further to forge Grade 12 certificate for three of his people, who are also former councilors in the names of Samson Kombe of Wards 1, Nepal Chiyasa of Ward 2 and Chomba Kasongo with certificates supposedly from Kemuzi School in Mkushi which is now closed. Even these guys hard their verified results and confirmation letters given to them at Arcades by some ECZ staff. One of the three actually confessed to a Constituency leader this same issue and was afraid that he could be arrested. Steve has gone on to impose candidates who are his stooges in all the 14 Wards but are not popular on the ground.


Ask the OP. When Steve was selling stolen cars in the 80s and 90s, he was caught on many occasions with forged Blue Books, forged Drivers Licenses and forged papers for the many West Africans he worked with. I am a victim of Steven Chungu’s forgery schemes. I lost a car I bought from him when the Interpol took it away because it was stolen from South Africa. I have tried to recover my money for the past 20 years but he only answers me with insults and threats. I warned him that one day I will settle the scores.


As MP, Steven has continued with his schemes of forgery. Investigate how he acquired the piece of land across Johnstone’s Arcade. My late cousin Simon Jere left that place for his nephew and all the letters of offer were given to him. Steven forged some papers and he managed to grab that piece of land where he has built his third shopping mall. He has used his position as MP to amass wealth in the five years he has been in office and giving him another illegally forged five years would make him destroy Luanshya. This year’s election in for Grade 12s and not these failures.


In 2011, we knew who we were voting for but we thought we could give him a second chance. The first year he pretended to have changed but afterwards, he went back to his old ways. I guess you can paint a leopard any color you want but you can’t remove its spots. ECZ you have really disappointed us the people of Luanshya. We didn’t know how to remove this man from Luanshya MP but when the Grade 12 issue came up, we were sure it was the only way but alas, he has cracked your system. We implore you to investigate Steven Chungu’s papers and do the right thing for once. I hear he has even forget a Diploma now. Which college did this guy go to? Please ECZ investigate this guy and arrest him for forgery.


To the PF leadership, if you adopt this guy, the opposition will challenge his candidature before filing in and Luanshya may be handed over to the opposition.

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