Former Ngambela Sinyinda to discuss the African Union Prima Facie case against Zambia

Former Ngambela Sinyinda to discuss the African Union Prima Facie case against Zambia

Former Barotseland Prime Minister Clement Sinyinda, the man seen as the hope for Barotseland will today (Friday July 5, 2013) discuss the way forward following the Watchdog unearthing of a letter from the African Union.

Sinyinda will feature on Radio Barotseland to tell the World what he knows. To listen to the program which will start at 19:30 in the evening, just click here

The letter from the AU, which found a prima facie case against Zambia on the Barotseland agreement of 1964 is found here

The unearthing of the letter has since shook Barotselend and is the only topic that is of interest in that side today. Accusations and counter accusations are being thrown around but no one is disputing the authenticity of the letter. The Barotseland traditional leadership met on Wednesday to come up with an official position. The Watchdog is yet to learn what the Kuta decided but will certainly find out publish it here.

In Lusaka, the powers that be are quiet for now hoping the matter will die a naturally death but are watching the developments that side with a keen eye.

Induna Inete, who is on the payroll of the PF and has direct access to ailing dicatort Michael Sata and Fred M’membe has not taken the revelations well.

He was on Radio Barotseland accusing the Zambia Watchdog of publishing “blatant lies”. But Induna Inete could neither deny nor confirm the official correspondence from the African Union.

Instead of answering the question, he said he was saddened by the fact that the Zambian Watchdog had gone ahead to accuse him in his personal capacity, and yet this was clearly a matter for the Kuta, Mulonga (Highest Barotse Native Court).

“How can I hide a letter addressed to the Kuta in my personal capacity? The Zambian Watchdog should stop peddling lies against me because I don’t act in my personal capacity on matters that involve the Kuta”, said the audibly displeased Inete.

Asked on whether or not the letter has been attended to in the stipulated time, Induna Inete said he could not comment on the matter until the Kuta had convened on (Wednesday 3rd July 2013) to come up with an official response.

He further warned ordinary people to stop thinking that they can attain independence without the involvement of Mulonga. “luna ba Kuta kiluna lukona kuiwina taba ye. Bona habakoni”(we the kuta are the ones who can win this matter on behalf of Barotseland. They ( liberation movements) cannot win without us

The former prime minister Sinyinda will thus feature on the Live Chat Forum that starts at 19:30hrs CAT.

Others to feature on the program will be Hon. Clement W. Sinyinda, former Ngambela of Barotseland, who has agreed to share with the public what he knows about this matter.

Hon. Nyambe Namushi of the Barotse Freedom Movement, Hon. Wanga Mutungulu of MOREBA and Mr. Nayoto Mwenda of Barotseland National Youth League will also feature to give the Liberation Movement’s point of view. Make a date with Radio Barotseland online Friday 5th July 2013 at 19:30hrs CAT 05:30PM (GMT) at and . Skype: radio.barotseland Facebook: The Number to call Live is +442032392606 (Local Rates Apply)

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