Former Ngambela, three other youths arrested in Mongu

Former Ngambela (Prime Minister) of Barotseland Clement Sinyinda was this morning arrested, interrogated and later released after a warn and caution statement at Mongu Police station.

Mr. Sinyinda whose house was surrounded and searched in the early hours of this morning, was interrogated for over three hours at the Mongu Central police station in the company of his lawyers.

He was picked-up early in the morning on orders from President Michael Sata together with three other youths who are still in police detention and their fate is still not yet known.

Sources close to the interrogation say Mr. Sinyinda was being questioned over the resolutions of the Barotse National Council meeting of 2010 that sought for the full implementation of the Barotse agreement as promised by the PF leadership when they were campaigning.

The three youths that are in detention are Matomola Anthoy, Lyamba Mutumba and Namakau Muyawa, the only lady among them.

Sources also say Mr. Sinyinda was being searched for guns and other seditious materials.

So far there are no reports of any guns being found from his house except for one or two household documents that the police picked for scrutiny.

During the recent visit to Western province, Sata threatened to use his pen against Mr. Sinyinda and other people that were pushing for the recognition of the Barotse Agreement which he promised in 2011 campaigns.

Reports reaching the Watchdog are that there is high tension in Mongu following president Sata’s actions on the people of Western province.

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