Former PF eastern province chair says Lungu has failed Zambia

FORMER PF Eastern Province chairperson Mike Tembo says there is nothing new that President Edgar Lungu can do for the country because he has proved to be a failure. And Tembo says it is unfortunate that some people who called president Michael Sata a mad man have joined a “mad man’s party”.

In an interview yesterday, Tembo, who defected to the opposition UPND, said Zambians should look for an alternative party because the PF does not give hope. “Yes, President Lungu comes from here but he has failed us, I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that. Many people have come along with me and others are just hanging out in PF. I think the person who can move Zambia out of this economic quagmire is Hakainde Hichilema,” Tembo said.

“Here people say chipani pakuya ndiye pachuchosa maningi ndalama (when a party is leaving government, it releases a lot of money) so they are waiting for that money to come their way but they have promised that they will not vote for Lungu.”

He said Eastern Province had been neglected. “What I am saying is a reality. You know our man Edgar Lungu has failed. There is no better way of putting it; there is no hope that he can do anything. Eastern Province has been declared the most impoverished province in Zambia despite having rich soils and favourable agriculture conditions,” Tembo said. He explained that he has decided to leave PF because the party had no more services to offer to the people. “I deliberately moved out of PF quietly because they say whoever moves out is not a factor.

But I have moved out with a lot of people and I am quite happy with the response I am getting from people. Let me appeal to the PF leadership in the province not to derail the people who want to join UPND because whether they like it or not HH is becoming President in August, so let’s move with our colleagues,” Tembo said. “We are always known to be late comers, this time around, I would like to urge our fellow easterners to move with the rest of the country.”

And Tembo wondered why Siliya, who described Sata as a mad man, decided to join the party founded by a mad person. “You may wish to know that this is the same language they were using when we were working with Mr Sata, they were saying Mr Sata was a mad man, now they have come into the mad man’s party. They have come into the mad man’s party without any shame. Even now we don’t mind being called names but the fact of life is that UPND is forming government and they will come to UPND because they are used to being in the ruling party,” said Tembo. –

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