Former PF media director calls for replacement of Lungu

Former PF media director calls for replacement of Lungu

Former ruling Patriotic Front Media Director, Chanda Mfula has called on PF members to replace President Edgar Lungu as candidate for the 2021 General Elections.

Posting two articles on his facebook page, Chanda states that President Lungu had failed the party and the country.

Chanda, who is pursuing postgraduate studies at Sussex University made the following views;

Here is my observation: the true greens – the original PF members, the people who laboured for the party in the trenches and got it into power, the believers in the original ideals of the party as promulgated by Michael Sata and Guy Scott – are open to the idea of replacing Edgar Lungu with a better candidate.

It’s ba kandile – ba katyetye mwenda mwalimwa, ba mubwela ku macha, ba mutasha kali mwitobo – who are first to jump to the defence of a candidate who isn’t good for both party and country. It’s those people whose survival depends on Edgar being in State House who are now telling us ‘he is our candidate’. Chaps who were driven by a single-minded desire to ‘eat’ and not to serve and whose membership of MMD, FDD or whatever is still fresh on our minds, should be telling PF members that all is well? PF members know what Michael Sata committed to and it’s not what Edgar has given them and the country!


For me, I think PF will save itself from itself if they replace Edgar Lungu with a much, much better candidate. The worst mistake the ruling party would make, however, is to allow a corrupt person to take over. That will amount to nothing.

Naturally, some of the people who will be championing internal change in the party are just crooks with track records in obtaining dubious tenders and contracts when they served in government. They are not interested in serving or saving the country, but are just nostalgic about tenders.

So, look hard and deep and get the right candidate who will right Edgar’s many many wrongs, including stopping the impending mutilation of the constitution and getting rid of ba kandile such as Dora Siliya.

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