Former Red Cross boss sues DEC for malicious prosecution, wants K700 000

Former Red Cross boss sues DEC for malicious prosecution, wants K700 000




Former Red Cross Secretary General (CEO) Charles Mushitu has sued the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the state for malicious prosecution and loss of business following his prosecution and subsequent acquittal for money laundering charges.

Mr Mushitu is demanding over K700, 000 PF money (K700 million Zambian money). According to a statement of claim filed in the high court, Mushitu says due to the DEC malice, he lost his well-paying job at the Red Cross.

In 2013, DEC arrested Charles Mushitu and his former finance manager Sydney Chituta for theft and money laundering involving K1.4 million rebased.

But magistrate Mwaka Mikalile acquitted both men. In acquitting the two, the magistrate said there was dereliction of duty on the part of the investigating team and that the prosecution failed to provide sufficient evidence that would warrant placing Mushitu and Chituta on their defense.

Despite being careless in investigating the matter, overzealous and politicized DEC restricted Mushitu’s property apart from causing his dismissal at the Red Cross.

In his statement of claim, Mushitu argues that he lost business because the DEC has confiscated or otherwise restricted his property that he was using to make profit.

He is therefore asking the court to order DEC and the state to compensate him.


When Mushitu was acquitted, he issued a statement that DEC officers had connived with his enemies at Red Cross to ‘fix’ him and that his arrest was just a plot to harass him and embarrass him.

DEC is notorious for planting evidence on innocent people.

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