Former SA Supreme court Judge duped into commenting on Zambian internal affairs

Former racist apartheid South African Supreme Court Justice professor Marvin King lectured to Zambian opposition parties to learn to resolve issues within the country, before they seek intervention of the international community.

Judge Prof. King involved himself in the Zambian internal politics at the invitation of the Institute of Directors in Zambia after being duped by some Zambian PF government officials to comment on the Zambian opposition parties petitioning of the brutal PF regime to the Commonwealth.

According to last night’s PF ZNBC main evening news, Prof. King said Zambian politicians should sort out their problems within the country.

The PF government that has so far not taken kindly to foreigners interfering into local politics used the former racist judge Prof. King to endorse Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni’s condemnation of Zambian opposition and civil society organisations who have complained of human rights abuses in Zambia under the PF regime.

The Zambian Institute of Directors workshop was officially opened by Bank of Zambia Governor Dr. Michael Gondwe.

Among the members of the institute is Stephen Mwansa the Permanent Secretary of Commerce who has a chain of businesses that benefit from the PF government.

Information and Broadcasting PS Amos Malupenga was also in attendance and believed to be the one who duped Judge Prof. King to make a comment on Zambian political situation.

The institute of directors calls for good corporate governance and transparency.

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