Former Solicitor-general refuses to be appointed Chief Justice by Sata

Former Solicitor-general refuses to be appointed Chief Justice by Sata

Former Solicitor-General Sam Chisulo has refused to be appointed as Chief Justice by President Michael Sata.

This is probably the first time in the history of Zambia that someone has turned down such an appointment.

State House sources told the Watchdog that Sata invited lawyer Chisulo to state House Wednesday morning and offered him the job.

But Chisulo politely told Sata that he is not interested. Chisulo said he has a name to protect.

The former Solicitor General in the 1990s told Sata that he does not want to lose his integrity and fair name he has built over the years by taking up the appointment.

Most people in Zambia, except for PF cadres, view the Judiciary with contempt nowadays.

The credibility of the Judiciary especially the Supreme Court has deteriorated from the time Lombe chibesakunda was appointed acting Chief Justice.

Parliament refused to ratify Chibesakunda as substantive Chief Justice and the Law Association of Zambia has already said that she is in office illegally.

Now it looks like Sata is having problems finding a credible person to appoint as Chief Justice.

Acting Deputy Chief Justice Florence Mumba has already tendered in her resignation in remorse.

The refusal by Chisulo to be appointed Chief Justice also shows how porous and valueless the presidency has become.

In other countries and in Zambia before Sata became president, the secret service would first assess the person to be appointed before he can meet the president.

The Secret service would make sure that before a person meets the president, he has already agreed to the proposal to avoid embarrassing the head of state like what has just happened.

But with thugs like Judge Ngoma running state house, these are the likely results.

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