Former solicitor general to lose mansion

Former solicitor general to lose mansion


Immediate past Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa has been sued by the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) for failing to pay back a loan he obtained in 2010.

Using his firm called Chilola intertrade ltd, Mwansa and his wife obtained a loan meant to empower citizens but neglected to pay back.
To acquire the loan, Mwansa put up his house in Lusaka West as security (third party mortgage).

The loan amount now stands at K3.2 million. The CEEC has bow started the court process to Foreclose (take) Mwansa’s house which he pledged as security.

If as solicitor general he failed to pay back the loan, there is no chance that as a jobless lawyer he can now afford to pay back.

It is clear though that he just never wanted to pay back just like many government officials who got money from such institutions just out of greedy and satanism to deny people who genuinely needed such loans.

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