Former UPND member challenges HH over Barotse Agreement

Former UPND Chairman for Livestock and Fisheries Captain Lawrence Nyambe has charged that United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema should be the last person to talk about the Barotse Agreement because he does not appreciate or understand the agreement.

Captain Nyambe who is now a PF member said it was hypocritical for the UPND leader to claim to support the cause of the Lozi speaking people when he has formed a pact with the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) which he accused of killing innocent people in Western province over the matter.

In a press release made available to ZANIS today, Captain Nyambe said the desperation by Mr Hichilema to canvass for Lozi votes by denouncing the current government would not help him at all adding that people have now come to know that he is a man of double standards.

“To begin with HH does not understand let alone appreciate the Barotse land Agreement and his going to bed with the very party which killed our brothers and sisters on 14 th January goes to show that he has double standards and very inconsistent,” Captain Nyambe said.

Captain Nyambe was reacting to an appeal by Mr Hichilema on Muvi Television for the Lozi speaking people in Livingstone not to vote for Patriotic Front Candidate Mr Joseph Akafumba because the PF government has not restored the Barotse agreement.

He said the UPND has shown its true colours that it had no feelings towards the Lozis going by its move to form a pact with the MMD which committed atrocities against people in Western Province.

Captain Nyambe said President Micheal Sata demonstrated his honesty and genuine desire to find a lasting solution to the problem when he pardoned and released all those who were detained by the previous MMD government in connection with the Mongu riots of 14th January 2011.

He stressed that President Sata must be highly commended by the Lozi people for opening up dialogue on the Barotse Agreement for the first time in the history of the country.

Captain Nyambe further said the Agreement is a very important tool for stimulating decentralisation which is one of the cornerstones of the PF manifesto. He strongly cautioned people in Livingstone against voting for the
opposition whom he said would retard development in the tourist

But UPND Livingstone spokesperson Mr Neto Halwabala said Captain Nyambe was just a job seeker and should be treated as such. Mr Halwabala challenged him to explain to Livingstone residents why he did not join the PF before it formed government.

“ These are people we call job seekers or opportunists and I would advise the PF to be wary of such people who always jump at any slight opportunity from one band wagon to another,” said Mr Halwabala.

He said UPND leader understand the Barotse Agreement better adding that it was the more reason he was advocating for it to be restored.

And Mr Halwabala also explained that his party has not formed any kind of pact with the MMD but that the two parties are merely working together to make the opposition strong to effectively carry out checks
and balances on the PF government.

“Those people who are telling you UPND have formed a pact with MMD seem not to understand basic democratic tenets to have a strong opposition in the country for the enhancement of democratic governance,” Mr Halwabala said.

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