Former UPND MP to be appointed PS under Mulusa

Former UPND MP to be appointed PS under Mulusa

Highvie Hamududu, the former UPND MP who resigned from the party yesterday has been lobbying and has finally been promised a job as permanent Secretary in the so called Ministry of National Development Planning.

Lucky Mulusa, the minister of the same ministry, which has no proper functions has told Hamududu that he will soon get the job but must first denounce the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

12719267_10205939436550382_116087175993744243_o‘Just watch what Hamududu says in the next few days and how he will be a darling of the government media,’ a source close to Mulusa explained.

Hamududu was rejected by grassroots in his former constituency in Bweengwa as he lost primary elections to the incumbent MP but has been bitter with the the party ever since.

With the high levels of poverty in Zambia, once allowances from parliament stop hitting the account, former MPs become destitute.

‘You know there already too many MMD officials who have taken over jobs meant for genuine PF supporters and now they are bringing senior UPND leaders who will go back just before elections,’ a senior PF official complained.

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