Former ZAF commander Chimese detained

Former ZAF commander Chimese detained


Former Zambia Air force (ZAF) commander Eric Chimense has been arrested and detained at Woodlands police station, the Watchdog has been informed.

General Chimese  has been arrested and detained together with Lusaka crook Jimmy Chungu, infamously known as Jimmy Fingers.

Details on arrest of Chimese coming but see what the Watchdog wrote about Jimmy fingers more than 6 years ago👇

Fraudster Jimmy Fingers given K18 billion Eurobond unsecured cash from DBZ

6 years ago
The corrupt PF regime has continued scavenging the Eurobond money with the latest being at the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) where fraudster Jimmy Chungu commonly known as Jimmy Fingers has been given K18 billion unsecured loan to build a hotel.

Sources say Jimmy Fingers obtained the loan without any security guarantees and he has no capacity whatsoever to repay back the money in case of defaulting.

The money he obtained is part of the Eurobond loan given to DBZ that has so far seen many casualties of corruption within the PF as they all want to lay their hands on the money poor Zambians will have to repay at high interest rate.

Chungu is the proprietor of Chita lodge where currently most government workshops and seminars are being held due to his association with president Michael Sata

Jimmy Fingers, a name he earned for being a successful fraudster as his real name is James Kasanga Chungu was also recently given a government property River Motel popularly known as RIMO in Kafue town along Kafue River.

Rimo is a big lodge with 42 rooms and 31 chalets.

Chungu is a senior PF cadre and also recently got money from the Tourism development fund at the Ministry of Tourism to build a motel in Northern Province.

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